The ScientiFeet web application is accessible from any computer with an Internet connection for simple and universal access. As a result, it allows you to create your 3D insoles almost everywhere.

From the patient’s foot scan, orthotics modeling is done in just a few minutes. Orthotics are generated perfectly to the shape of the foot and their cells are parameterized in a few clicks in 14 zones to induce precise corrections to the patient.


In addition to the cell settings, you can make any standard chiropody corrections based on your diagnosis:

Available features:

  • Choice of the template according to the size and the width of the shoe (from 25 to 55 in 3 widths)
  • Choice of thickness (from 1.5 to 2.5mm) to adapt to all patients (children, athletes, overweight people)
  • Parameterization of the 14 zones on 7 levels of rigidities (more than 2 000 billion combinations)
  • Addition of sub-capital elements configurable in thickness
  • Control of the drawing of the collar line
  • Choice of finish in the heel (obviously, adjustable stabilizer, flat bottom, …)
  • Sole orientation for varus or valgus correction
  • Adding podiatry items (ARC, BRC, …)
  • Control of the vault height

Above all, our application is updated very regularly and you will continue to enjoy new features!