Our 3D scanner allows you to create a precise 3D footprint at 0.02 mm thanks to its infrared depth sensor which provides a high degree of accuracy and completely new possibilities.

Impression taking is reproducible, instantaneous and reusable to infinity from your client area.

By pressing the flexible membrane on the patient’s foot, the patient can set the load applied to the foot while correcting its position to make equipment in an optimal position.

Also, the PodoClic scanner an impression box or a vacuum cushion and adapts to your impression material.

In addition, the PodoClic can be transported and used at home (with or without an Internet connection), on sports fields or in retirement homes to always offer a better service to the patient.

With regard to the technical specifications:

  • Intel 6th generation CPU recommended
  • Windows 10® is needed
  • It works on USB 3.0 port
  • Operating conditions: between 0 and 35°C
  • Infrared laser emitting at a wavelength of 860nm in nominal
  • Laser Class 1, IEC 60825-1: 2014 Ed 3