Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scientifeet?

ScientiFeet is an outsourcing solution for 3D printing technology of orthotics for foot care professionals (chiropodists, orthopedic technicians, etc.). Furthermore, ScientiFeet is a brand of PODO 3D, a subsidiary of Prodways Group, the French leader in 3D printing.

Who is Prodways Group, shareholder of Podo 3D?

Subsidiary of Groupe Gorgé (innovative French ETI and exporter specializing in high-tech products and services), Prodways Group is the French leader in 3D printing. Prodways Group is involved in the entire value chain of additive manufacturing. They developped a range of industrial machines (technologies: SLS and SLA), a range of associated materials. They also developped a leading competence center in France in Product Development, Additive Manufacturing and Production (Initial). Prodways Group is also involved in supporting innovative companies through Prodways Entrepreneurs, which supports and funds innovative European players in 3D printing. Finally, Prodways Group develops applications around 3D printing such as ScientiFeet, manufacturer of orthopedic insoles in 3D printing.

I would like to be put in touch with a practitioner equipped with ScientiFeet

Then, leave us a message via the contact form and we will put you in touch with an equipped practitioner near you.